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Marketing Response Representative at Feathr
Gainesville, FL, US
  • $35,000.00 - $45,000.00/year
"Marketing Response" at Feathr is a mix of prospect research and outbound communication to leads that marketing produces (via content like webinars, case studies, guides, etc.). The goal of that research and outbound communication is to turn marketing generated leads into qualified meetings for the sales team.

Marketing Response Representatives are part of the Marketing organization at Feathr, report to the CMO, and work closely with the content team to 1. share anecdotal feedback that leads are sharing about Feathr's marketing 2. review and plan upcoming content and lead generation assets.

We expect MRRs to evolve into Account Executives (quota-carrying sales people) or Marketing Directors (who produce marketing content and other campaigns for Feathr).

Qualities that make great MRRs at Feathr:
  • 1+ year sales or marketing experience
  • Strong phone presence and conversational skills
  • General familiarity with digital marketing
  • “Owner’s eyes” to continually improve our marketing process
  • Hungry for professional growth and development

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