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Sr. Account Executive at Feathr
Gainesville, FL, US

This is a senior quota-carrying sales position with named accounts. Our average sale in the $10K range, with the largest customers over $100K/year. The sales cycle is 2-3 months and has many elements of the Challenger Sale, in that we are educating our customers on the changing landscape and offering a solution to problems they may not have fully acknowledged. However, we pair that with flexible entry-level pricing options for first-year customers to provide an accessible “on-ramp” to Feathr, with the intent of growing the value of customers over time.

Like many B2B SaaS companies, we largely follow the sales model outlined in the book Predictable Revenue ( We have a team of SDRs focused on prospecting and outbound, supplemented by our marketing efforts, with the goal of setting up exploratory calls for the Account Directors. Once a deal is closed, we have a Customer Success team that handles all onboarding and support for customers post-sale. However, the Account Directors still "own" the account and handle all renewal and upsell conversations.

We are a combination of inside sales (email, phone, LinkedIn, product demos via screen-share) and outside sales (traveling to meet customers at their offices + sponsoring/attending key industry gatherings throughout the year).

If you are looking for a sales position where you will be challenged to learn every day, where you know that your product provides immense benefit to your customers, and where you will be generously compensated for high performance, Feathr may be the place for you.

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