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VP of Sales at Feathr
Gainesville, FL, US
Expected Role:

  • Manage and coach our SMB sales team to hit and exceed quotas

  • Recruit, train, and develop new sales hires

  • Join sales and support calls as “escalation” when appropriate


Like many SaaS companies, we have SMB customers and Enterprise customers. The SMB/Non-Profit segment of our market is where we see the most growth potential, so four of our five AEs currently focus on that segment. We’re looking for a sales leader help turn this team into a high-performing sales machine.


Our Sales Process

We are a fairly high-velocity inside sales model. The average initial sale to this segment is a $5,500 annual license, with potential for upselling both mid-cycle and at the time of annual renewal. Each AE has a $65,000 monthly quota (new/upsell/renew all included). Average sales cycle is ~6 weeks. 


We have a team of SDRs, which report into the Marketing function at Feathr. Their sole focus is cold prospecting and outbound emails/calls to tee up demos for the AEs. However, we still expect new AEs to contribute to their own pipeline until they build up a sufficient book of business.


We have a Customer Success team that performs onboarding, training, and consultative support once a sale is closed. Individual CSMs are measured against churn/retention of their customers, and work closely with AEs to assist with both upsell and renewal.


Company Stage

We’re currently at about $2.5M in annual license sales (high margin), plus another $1.5M in ad campaigns run through the Feathr platform (low margin). We’ve raised $3.5M in venture capital funding to date. We have about 35 full-time people company-wide, all based in our Gainesville, FL office. 



This position will be based full-time in Gainesville, FL, with the rest of the company. Remote work is not an option. If you aren’t familiar, Gainesville is a hip little city with a highly educated population and a killer cost of living.



Base salary in the range of $75K-$100K based on experience, with up to $100K in bonuses based on the sales team hitting targets. Stock options, health/dental/vision insurance, and other benefits are also part of the total package.

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