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Product Manager at Soofa
Cambridge, MA, US
We launched the Soofa Sign end of last year and have a lot of work ahead of us to define strategy, roadmap, and feature definition. It can be anything we want it to be, and we have already tested three different applications: transit, advertisement and social content delivered through API's. We love them all but it is time to make some strategic decisions based on market research and forecasting.

Soofa is proud to be in the midst of various stakeholders and brining them together. This makes this position both very challenging and exciting. There is no ONE persona or user, but many. Questions like what do people want to see and what do advertisers want to pay for will be a question revolving in your head. And don't forget city leaders who will always want to have a say.

If this is exciting to you and you fulfill the below requirements, please knock on our door.


Excellent mix of creative, leadership and business skills

Self starter and not afraid to knock on 100 doors to find the answer

Good network to companies like Opentable, Foursquare, Ticketmaster or at least second degree connections you will put to use.

Outstanding communicator keeping everyone in the loop on progress and roadblocks.

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