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Sales Development Representative at Feathr
Gainesville, FL, US
Expected Role
"Sales Development" is a mix of prospecting and targeted outbound communication to potential Feathr customers (via email, LinkedIn, and phone calls) with the goal of setting up exploratory calls for the sales team. SDRs straddle sales and marketing, and usually within ~12 months SDRs matriculate into either a quota-carrying AE or a pure marketer. We also refer to SDRs as "evangelists", since their mission is to get people aware and excited about Feathr but not to sell them.
Like most B2B SaaS companies, our sales organization is largely modeled after the book Predictable Revenue. Summary: Our ACV is $5k-$10k with large customers of $100K+ annually. It's an event-based sales process. We have our hit list of companies with events on certain dates, and each SDR "owns" a portion of that list.

This position is way to learn about Feathr's product, value proposition, and customers while also honing communication skills (emails, phone calls, social media, and even direct mail are all involved). Within 12-18 months an SDR usually matriculates into either a quota-carrying Account Director, a more specialized Digital Marketer, or a Customer Success Manager (training/onboarding/supporting our customers). 

While we are not a call center, cold calling is an important component of the role (~50% of your time). Experience in type of some customer-facing role, either in-person (retail, restaurant) or on the phone (sales, support) is a major benefit, as well as written communication skills.

Qualities that make great SDR’s at Feathr:
  • Sales + marketing experience
  • Effective communicator that connects!
  • Principled + professional
  • Consistency + relentless effort.
  • “Owner’s eyes” to continually improve our sales process
  • Hungry for professional growth and development
Expected earnings range from $40-60k with base salary + uncapped commissions. Fully covered health/dental/vision insurance, and other benefits like an educational budget, office food, and social events.

Company Stage
We’re currently at about $2.5M in annual license sales (high margin), plus another $1.5M in ad campaigns run through the Feathr platform (low margin). We’ve raised $3.5M in venture capital funding to date. We have about 50 full-time people company-wide, all based in our Gainesville, FL office. 
This position will be based full-time in Gainesville, FL, with the rest of the company. Remote work is not an option. If you're not familiar with Gainesville, it's a super cool little city with a killer quality of life. 

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