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Full Stack Javascript Developer at Soofa
Cambridge, MA, US

We are a fast moving startup with a small team, so we are looking for a full stack generalist that can tackle development across our whole system. We tackle a wide range of challenges on the daily, so if you are excited by being close to users, being an integral part of the design process, and system-level thinking/responsibility -- this is for you.

*** Front-end 
We have four Ember frontends in production! We are leaning heavily on this framework to deliver performant, complex software direct to end-users, both in the consumer space and government.

- You've worked on an JS SPA application (Ember, Angular, or React) 
- You've contributed in an impactful way to an open source project 
- You understand how to test all of this

*** Back-end 
We have an architecture built on containerized JS microservices, which provide API-level support to all of our front-ends, as well as an end-user facing API.

- You have built out a production-level API before 
- You are well-versed in API best practices and web standards 
- You are passionate about a well-designed API with good documentation. It feels good.

*** Big Data / Data science / Analytics 
We design, install, and support our own sensor system out in the world. We own real infrastructure providing services and information to cities that make them run more efficiently and serve their citizens better. All of this happens on top of our analytics infrastructure that processes millions of datapoints per day.

- You have experience in the Internet of Things space 
- You have experience providing analyses of time-series datasets 
- You know how to visualize data using libraries like Google charts, D3, etc

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