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Product Engineer at
New York City, NY, US

Mic is hiring a Product Engineer to join our Engineering team. At Mic, product, design, and engineering collaborate heavily, so we prize engineers who care deeply about all points of the product lifecycle. We care about shipping early and often, and always leaving code in better shape than you found it.

You have:

  • 2+ years professional full-time web development (JS, HTML, CSS)
  • Experience with React and mastery of implementing complex user interfaces with reusable components
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience working with SQL-based databases (MySQL and Redshift)
  • Tried many technologies/frameworks and can quickly evaluate a new one


  • Are a small, dedicated product and engineering team (12 people), so your work will make a big impact on our stack and code base
  • Have a transparent, collaborative and efficient process for developing products
  • Open-source often (
  • Take code reviews and pull requests seriously
  • Iterate constantly and insist on cross-functional collaboration at every stage of the product lifecycle
  • Avoid useless meetings and make work/life balance a priority

Nice to haves:

  • Experience working with GraphQL
  • Experience with DevOps and system administration, esp. AWS
  • Experience working with remote employees

What you may find yourself working on:

  • New features for and direct-to-consumer experiences such as apps, email, or voice interfaces
  • Integrations for new and emerging platforms, e.g. augmented reality
  • Internal tools, e.g. our proprietary article editor (React + Draft.js) and custom search tool called Lexicon

Mic reaches a monthly audience of 50 million with original reporting on the most important issues through diverse perspectives that challenge conventional thinking. We consider Mic the leading digital news company for society’s changemakers, who most influence and impact the world. We explore, explain and expose. 

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